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How long do MOT Testers have to train?

The DVSA requires all MOT Testers to complete a minimum of three hours of training each year between 1st April and 31st March. Then, every five years it’s necessary to complete 16 hours of training.

When do I need to complete the annual MOT Tester training?

All MOT testers need to have completed their three hours of training before 31st March each year. In our experience, it will help your stress levels no end if you if you complete the majority of the training before the end of January each year!

What happens if I don't complete the MOT Tester Training on time?

Failure to complete the DVSA required MOT Tester Training within the time constraints each year may lead to suspension from testing. The DVSA have the right to withdraw any MOT tester’s licence to test if a tester has not completed and recorded a minimum of three hours
of training each year.

How long does the exam take to complete?

Each exam is made up of 30 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 60 minutes to complete. Your result will be taken from the number of questions you answer within that hour of training each year.

When do I need to complete the annual mot Tester exam?

Every MOT Tester will need to complete the annual exam before midnight on March 31st each year.

Can I take the MOT Tester exam in two sessions?

Unfortunately DVSA rules state it’s not possible to take your MOT Tester exam in two seperate sessions.

What is a TQI Report?

The TQI Report is a compilation of he information needed to help you manage your MOT business effectively. For example, the number of  tests completed by each tester at a site, the average vehicle age, the average test time and the percentage of tests failed. For a more detailed explanation please read our article, What’s involved in a monthly TQI Report.

What is a Test Log Report?

A Test Log Report is a record of all the MOTs your team have conducted during the previous day, week or month.
For a more detailed explanation, please take a look at our What to look at in a Test Log Report article.

What is an MOT Consultant?

And MOT Consultant is an external DVSA approved resource that can provide their
experience and guidance to help your business remain compliant with all DVSA
requirements and updates. They can also take on the role of an AEC and, for example, will check test quality information, test logs, tester annual assessment certificates and site review outcomes.

You can assign the authorised examiner consultant (AEC) role in the MOT testing service to consultants you use to provide advice on MOT standards and how to run your centre. – Gov website
This lets the consultant view:

  • test quality information
  • test logs
  • tester annual assessment certificates
  • site review outcomes

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