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Helping the Automotive Industry Businesses fulfil their Commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

What is the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC)?

The AFC is a pledge to acknowledge and understand that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

The Covenant supports serving personnel, service leavers, veterans, and their families and is fulfilled by the different groups that have committed to making a difference.

“To those who proudly protect our nation, who do so with honour, courage, and commitment, the Armed Forces Covenant is the nation’s commitment to you.”

Why signing the Covenant matters to The MOT Group

 By signing the Covenant, we agree to support our reservist and veteran employees.

In turn, we benefit from the wide range of specific and transferable skills developed throughout their military careers. Being a ‘forces friendly’ company, we are flexible to the unique situations of the wider armed forces community. We aim to uphold fair treatment to all involved, including the spouses and cadet force adult volunteers.



What is The MOT Group’s Covenant Partnership Programme?

Now fully committed to the AFC, The MOT Group is working hard to keep both yours and our commitment alive. To stay on track, Armed Forces Veteran Darren Finley is heading up our Covenant Partnership Programme.

MOT Tester and Manager Training Programme

Our courses are open to service leavers via the Career Transition Partnership. Veterans can contact us for more information.

Army Veteran AFC

MOT Compliance Programme

Our MOT Consultants are selected, trained and qualified as MOT Managers. Before further developmental training and supervision before being deployed to support your business.

By partnering with us, your business will be helping Armed Forces leavers and veterans

For more information, please contact us.

We look forward to working with you!

“Time to get with the programme!”

In 2019 the DVSA added a new guidance page to the site – Manage your MOT centre

The move marked a significant shift in how DVSA regulates MOT Stations, and now, Vehicle Test Station Managers must have systems, policies and checks in place to meet the strict standards DVSA expects. Heavy sanctions and penalties have been put in place to ensure compliance.

DVSA actively encourages using a “third party” AEC (Authorised Examiner Consultant) to help maintain standards and manage your Vehicle Test station.

Appointing an AEC gets you ‘off the starting grid’ with DVSA as it demonstrates you are proactively managing your MOT business and will help you maintain (or gain) a green RAG rating.


Local Authority MOT Centre

Local Authority and emergency services

Transport and fleet departments that don’t have the time to oversee the standards, procedures and compliance at every site.

Workshop team

Dealerships and Franchise Compliance Audits

Whether you have many sites or a few that you don’t have the time to oversee the standards, procedures and compliance at every site.

Training and Compliance

Manager and Tester Training

MOT training centre to offer Level 2 MOT Tester Training – Class 4&7, Level 3 MOT Manager Training and Annual Training and Assessment for current testers. (* based on IMI/DVSA websites)