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Hi all – a short message to reassure anyone who needs MOT training, support, information…
We are here, still open, still working – and continuing offering full AEC support services and face to face, Covid-secure MOT training.

The Authorised Examiner Consultant services are remotely based so this can continue without any problems. The site visits we carry out will continue with your consent, and as long as we can conform to any extra safeguards advised by WHO and UK Government Guidelines to ensure our clients are safe when working with us. We are of course still available for advice and information by calling 0800 1777 344 or emailing

If we can provide any extra support during this time, perhaps if some staff have chosen to self-isolate; and you have the additional worry of possible non-compliance; we will do our best to help. Contact us as soon as possible as visit availability is limited.

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Are you an AEDM, MOT Manager or MOT Station owner who wants to:

✓ Stay Compliant
✓ Save time
✓ Stop Worrying
✓ Focus on driving your business forward


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Our service is for ALL MOT businesses: from a one-person multi-tasking operation; to the head of a large dealership who doesn’t have the time to oversee procedures and compliance at every site.

Recognise Any Of These?

MOT Manager and MOT Tester

MOT Tester / Manager Ryan

– I’m wearing two hats so I’m always so busy
– I don’t have enough hours in the day
– I know there’s compliance stuff to do but I keep putting it off
– What does it mean anyway?
– I never manage to schedule enough time for paperwork
– I’m very price aware
– Is this service value for money?
– I know I need to get another tester trained up
– Where do I go?
– Who can I trust?


Garage owner james

– I have NO time!
– If my staff are doing admin tasks and paperwork they’re not earning me money
BUT I don’t have time to do it myself
– I don’t like paperwork/computers
– I miss getting my hands dirty
– Is all this compliance stuff really necessary? What’s the worst that can happen?
– I don’t like to spend money unless I see the value
– I have to trust my suppliers
– Staff training takes too much time out of the workshop

MOT Station Owner

MOT Tester Malik

– I’m not good at computers
– I don’t like taking “tests” and I definitely don’t like taking them on computers!
– I miss interacting with other testers at the old-style refresher courses
– I’m always short of time
– The garage is busy and we don’t have enough staff
– I don’t have time to worry about monthly reports.
– Why is there a need to look at monthly RAG rating?
– I know the annual assessment has to be done but I hate it

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Getting Compliant With Your MOT Procedures is easy:

Step 1:

Contact Karena and her team on 0800 1777 344 or email

Step 2:

Book Your Visit With The MOT Consultants as soon as possible.

Step 3:

Relax knowing your business is fully compliant with Government Legislation


“I Can Relax & Concentrate”

Knowing that Karena and the team are taking care of my DVSA reports (TQI/Test Logs) and generally keeping an eye on my MOT procedures means that I can relax and concentrate on running my business.