Anne Cherry the newly qualified MOT Manager who spoke to Autoscene about The MOT Group

This is taken directly from Autoscene like to be sure our advertising partners and regular contributors meet the same high standards as us. so we love to meet some of them and their clients. on this occasion, we spoke to Anne Cherry, who used The MOT Group when preparing to take on the role of site manager in her father’s business.

Why did you choose The MOT Group when booking your MOT manager training?

If I remember correctly, something hadn’t gone well with the last company we used. Karena happened to contact me at that time, and I told her to come and meet me … I figured if I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t use them! But I liked Karena straight away. She’s easygoing, and down to earth – she gets on with the job and adapts to whatever is happening around her.

After meeting her, we asked her to come in and do our training and annual assessment; it was perfect for our needs. We’re all a bit nervous around computers, and we don’t like test situations … Karena made us feel at ease and gave us the confidence we needed.
When it was time to take on the site manager role, I knew The MOT Group would be the perfect choice to get me through the course.

How did you feel when you entered the classroom on that first day of MOT manager training?

I hated the thought of doing it … I didn’t think it was my kind of thing. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought, and we got through it fairly easily because Karena broke it down into manageable, easy-to-digest sections aimed at people in the trade who are likely to be more hands-on than academic.

Some of the delegates on the course I attended had more challenging needs, and Karena dealt with them brilliantly. I remember one guy was so stressed that he and his wife had made several calls to Karena beforehand, saying he couldn’t go through with it. But he passed, and he was over the moon!

The great news is that I passed, too, and my score was much higher than I expected, which was amazing! It was such a positive environment; I would recommend The MOT Group to anyone who may feel nervous and think they can’t pass a test in a classroom environment.

Would you say the course gave you the confidence to do your role and do it well?

Definitely … I now feel confident that if DVSA visited, I would be happy to take them through everything and not be worried about our procedures.

Do you see training courses like this as a cost-effective solution to ensuring your team is qualified and well-prepared to be part of a busy site?

I would. Nobody likes to spend money, but on the courses where you come to us, it cuts down on the need for us all to travel and have one person training one day, another training on a different day – we all do it together, so it’s done and dusted. We can all talk with people we know and help each other along.

Would you recommend the MOT Group training courses to other businesses?

I honestly couldn’t do my job if it weren’t for the excellent training from Karena and The MOT Group! I put into practice everything they taught me … and I make sure everything is as perfect as possible, so if we get an audit from DVSA, I have everything to hand. We hope they never stop doing what they do … we’d be doomed!

How is 2023 shaping up? Is there anything you’d like to share about what’s happening in your business in the coming year?

I think, like most businesses, our plan this year is to ‘hang in there’. We need to make sure we can get through the fallout of the energy price increases and possible recession and just keep doing what we’re doing as well as we can.