We all love to have an occasional clearout – a tidier office environment makes everyone focus better and clears the brain, too! But we’re often asked, “What can we throw and what MOT records need to be kept regarding DVSA?”

This article will, we hope, help put you straight!

MOT Stations are required to keep MOT all compliance paperwork, but only for a specific period (which we’ll explain later in the article). This includes the following documents:

  • MOT test equipment calibration certificates
  • Annual Training records
  • Emission reports
  • Contingency Test Paperwork
  • Appointment records

Most businesses prefer nowadays to be as ‘paper-free’ as possible to help the environment. So, it’s perfectly acceptable to file the documents/records electronically. However, they must be accessible to all, especially during DVSA visits.

Therefore, MOT stations must keep the records safe, secure, and easily accessible, even if the Site Manager is away from the business. And remember, your DVSA officer won’t be impressed by the need to wade through extra paperwork! So don’t be tempted to keep records longer than needed: DVSA wants easy access to the necessary information.

How long must I keep compliance documents?

An MOT Station is required to keep MOT records for the following periods:

  • Calibration Certificates = 2 years
  • Annual Training Records = 5 years
  • Emission reports = 3 months
  • Continency Test Paperwork = 3 months
  • Appointment records = 3 months

Many MOT Stations opt to keep all their MOT paperwork in one folder. If you do, the folder should contain:

  • An MOT Policy = review annually
  • A copy of the MOT Site Manager’s qualification certificate = the latest version
  • Calibration Certificates = 2 years for each piece of equipment
  • A method of keeping track of calibration due dates = the latest version
  • Tester Annual Training records = 5 years of training certificates and logs
  • Analysed TQI and TL reports = 12 months
  • QC reports = 12 months
  • Special Notices = 12 months

Don’t keep MOT records longer than necessary!

Keeping everything on the above list could soon mount up, so don’t be tempted to keep anything longer than the necessary times. Once you’ve reached the set period and they’re no longer needed … delete or destroy them securely.

If your company uses a monthly checklist for MOT compliance, then we would suggest keeping those for 12 months also. It’s all about showing DVSA that you are in control of the compliance at your MOT station.

By following these tips, MOT stations can ensure that they comply with the law and have the necessary MOT records to support their MOT tests. If you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to contact karena@themotgroup.co.uk