Have you checked if the data held by the DVSA about your organisation and your team is up to date recently?

From the stories I’ve been hearing, it would appear that many MOT Site Managers/AEDMs don’t realise that they need to share some very important information with the DVSA, and they certainly don’t appreciate the repercussions of not doing so – which can be pretty severe!

It’s important that you check the information regularly to see if there have been any changes.

Things to consider when doing your DVSA data checks are:

  • Were you a sole trader that’s now entered/entering into a partnership?
  • If the AE is a partnership already – has there been any change in the partnership’s constitution?
  • For those where the AE is a company – has there been any change to the directors of the company?
  • Has there been any changes to the person who was required to attend the MOT managers’ course? (This only applies where a trained person is required under section B2. Training)

  • Has there been any changes to the trading name or court appointed supervision of the business (other than that which is described as automatic cessation)?


A company that continues to operate under the same registration and company number may continue testing, as long as the DVSA has been notified of any changes to the officers of the company or changes in the relationship to any parent company.


As if that’s not enough to worry about the DVSA must also be notified immediately about anyone involved in the MOT system who has a conviction as per the information contained in the MOT Testing Guide: Appendix 7 convictions and repute


To let the DVSA know about changes to your business it’s fairly straightforward, you just need to complete the appropriate parts of the VT01 form and email it to them (other than convictions for which the details should be emailed directly to MOTadministration@dvsa.gov.uk).


Failure to do so could also result in the cessation of your MOT station.


It’s important that AEDM’s, AEP’s, Site Managers, and Testers are aware of their responsibilities and make regular checks that all information on the MOT service is up to date.


If your information is not correct, it could result in a 500 point penalty – which is enough to give you a temporary cessation from testing! 

How would that affect your business and is it worth the risk of not filling in that form?

If you’re need any help, get in touch with Karena@themotgroup.co.uk – we’re always happy to help keep you on the right track.